Anji Academy was launched on 10 October 2012, when the try-out of the first candidates was held.

Then during a month the selected trainees of the Academy were grouped and a full training process began. Grand presentation ceremony of Anji Academy and the registration procedure were held on 21 December 2012.

The main target of Anji Academy is to train the reserves for Anji youth and main strings.

Within three and bit more years of the Academy`s functioning all the necessary infrastructure was created, the coaching staff was formed, a group of experienced managers, doctors and administration staff was recruited.

For the time being Anji Academy possesses:

- full-sized artificial and natural fields, one of them is equipped with stands capable of 800 seats;
- gym for strength exercises with a set of necessary fitness equipment;
- judo room with tats for coordination abilities;
- medical center with equipment to control the sportsmen`s body state and physiotherapeutic procedures;
- eleven change rooms with bathrooms and toilets;
- food unit, that includes kitchen with modern equipment and cafe capable of 50 seats;
- boarding school for 20 invited footballers;

Anji Academy concluded an agreement, according to which they provide the seats and offer educational services to Upper Secondary School №6 of Kaspiysk, that is 10-minute drive from Anji Arena.

The coaching staff is run by senior coach Magomedrasul Akhmedov, who has UEFA category A license. The coaching staff includes:

-    Scouting coach with UEFA category A;
-  Three coaches with UEFA category B;
-    Ten coaches with UEFA category C.

Detailed information about the coaching staff can be found in the Direction Section on our website.

Within the years of its work Anji Academy transferred 11 trainees to Anji youth team. Academy teams won 10 all-Russian tournaments and gained medals in 9 tourneys.

Academy`s address:

Location address – Anji Arena, Sector 33.
Legal address – Republic of Dagestan, Kaspiysk, str. Akulinicheva, 21;
Email address - academy@fc-anji.ru.
Tel.: – 8 (8722) 21-00-43.